Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Judgement of Solomon Revisited


  1. But if the second was the true mother, how she could have risked that the baby would be cut??!! She couldn't have relied on the fact, that probably Shlomo will never play the the gami until the end...

  2. first, she was calling his bluff - he never intended to cut the baby, and she was just telling him to keep on playing his own game.
    second, she was reacting, not thinking.

  3. First, if she knew he would not cut the baby, the reaction was all right. however, she probably had no time to think this over (will he? won't he? what are the odds?)
    Second, I still think the natural reaction is - let the baby live. Had she said 'Cut it!' as the first reaction, then how different is it from infanticide in affection?

  4. ' Understanding women requires looking past the first level of perception, and finding the next level of reality. This is true everywhere, but nowhere more than with women. The first layer must be peeled away to reveal what is beneath, while they are trying to focus attention on that illusory layer, and convince us that nothing lies beneath. '
    Excellent! You made it through! But the truth is: Most men want to see women via this illusionary layer, that's why many women pay so much attention to keep it there. Once the man peels the first layer, and discovers a real partner, the true woman, he won, but needs to understand the new constellation.